The 4-Day Savings Plan


            Saving is hard; we aren’t going to lie to you. But just like a diet or exercise plan, consistency is key. With this 4-day savings plan, you could potentially have more than $416 at the end of the year! That’s a lot of extra money with very little effort. This plan does not require a lot of equipment, thought, or money, and it is stress-free. Follow the plan below to see how easy it can be to save.


What your frugal self will need:

  1. A mason jar or similar container


Day One:

  1. Place $2.00 into the mason jar
  2. Walk away


Day Two:

  1. Place $2.00 into the mason jar
  2. Walk away


Day Three:

  1. Place $2.00 into the mason jar
  2. Walk away


Day Four:

  1. Place $2.00 into the mason jar
  2. Walk away


Day Five: Rest

            Pat yourself on the back! You saved $8.00 this week without feeling the pain. See I told you this would be easy!


Day Six: Rest

            Relax and feel good that you are making a beneficial contribution towards your future. You may be saving slowly but, you are doing better than everyone who is out spending right now!


Day Seven: Rest

            Get ready for the next week by making sure you have some cash on hand to put in your jar. That’s really all the prep you need to do.


Feeling Strong?

Up your savings goal! Think you can handle saving $4.00 a day?

Challenge yourself!


The harder you train, the better the results!


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